"For how long do we have to sit here and wait till these sluggish waiters decide to serve us? I would have ordered a whole cow instead. That would be ready by now!" I shout, impatiently looking at my silver vintage wrist watch; second after second.Out of embarrassment, I can already see Halima trying to [...]



“Sometimes I wish you were more gentle.” He says looking directly into my eyes but at the back of my mind I can’t help but remember the sharp pain that pierced through my chest when he sent me photos on Facebook of his ‘very white’ wedding. As a reader, you’d say that I was being [...]


Being away hasn't really been my wish to you lovely souls that keep revisiting. Allow me however to say that I needed it. But that doesn't mean you'll miss out on all has been happening. In fact, kindly take my hand and let's go down through memory lane. If you had an insight on the [...]


In my opinion, quarter-life crisis is a bitch. And don't forgive my manners. With writing at weird hours of the night becoming a routine, I think I'm doing great. Successful people don't have a solid relationship with their beds right? So it's just me, my mug of coffee and some smooth music playing from the [...]


"If this must be the end of me then I might as well die happy." Says Halima as she lets herself to the balcony of my museum of a home. Under normal circumstances, this would be her speaking but of course not too emotional and dramatic as she is right now. "Sab! I think I [...]


It's now two weeks or so since Valentine's day with Brian already back to Germany. I however can't seem to get him off my mind. Sleeping soundly by my side is my boyfriend, Liam. Looking all cute and at peace. He must be having the dream of his life. I think to myself after staring [...]


In case you've been following my reads, let me do some re-introduction. My name is Sabina. Some of my friends refer to me as 'SabinaJoy'. Being an alumnus of The University of Nairobi however, I can't help but relate. My other friends call me Sab. Now those are some group I must have seen ten [...]


Wednesday midday. "Hello Halima, Lets meet up after work at our local coffee joint. I have something. Let's say 5:30 p.m? Bill on me. Don't you be late!" she agrees then I hang up and return to my desk. Pretending to be so at work as I wait very impatiently for the clock to strike [...]


Here we are. It's yet another Valentine's day. Well, I searched on Google what this really meant ; a day when it is traditional, more of routine on my side, to send flowers, cards, have a candle lit dinner at the Serena hotel beach as you watch the sun set on the horizons, you know, [...]