“I’m not a thot! ” My best friend can argue that but let’s get one thing clear, most of  her arguments are not really what I’d term as factual.

He was the perfect illustration of chali msawa and from the look of things, Halima knew way too well that I couldn’t wait to get in between the sheets. Forgive my friend but she is just a little bit too perverted according to society’s standards. Perhaps the dark side to my beautiful mess of a life. That came out a little bit harsh but my dear Halima, we both know the truth.

“Girl! Stop second guessing and go get yourself some sexual healing. Umenichosha na hizi story zako za blogging about food na fantasy za kupata boyfriend ako tall, dark and handsome. You could use some new exciting stories and less frustration.” She tells me that as she throws in that ‘dare you not’ look at my undecided face. Of course I want to, i mean, that’s just a ticket for her to take me to a fancy coffee-house just to get some juice on how it all went down. Try to be optimistic and focus on the coffee side…plus the hilarious facial expressions she makes on her face when i get into details. I want you to consider the psychological benefits too.

At this point, anonymous already knows that am into him. Of course who wouldn’t, given that Halima doesn’t understand what the term whisper really means. But maybe he is mistaking my intentions; or not. He walks to our table, steps well calculated as if taking measurements of the floor or counting his ‘blessings’ and I cant help but hear Pharell’s voice at the back of my mind ; we’re up all night to get some, we’re up all night to get lucky!

“I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation.” Reaching out his hand to Halima.

Unable to explain what was going on but pretty sure if felt like an orgasm with my hands already getting all sweaty.

“Hey there beautiful!”

I didn’t get his name. I could care less about his identity at that particular moment because he was already standing infront of me and judging from his perfectly fitting deep blue Levi jeans, God had been generous with him.




  1. First off,congats Jamjam on this post its an awesome plugin which nimependa at first I’d love to be updated ASAP on the next article.
    The unpatient girl

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