Here we are. It’s yet another Valentine’s day. Well, I searched on Google what this really meant ; a day when it is traditional, more of routine on my side, to send flowers, cards, have a candle lit dinner at the Serena hotel beach as you watch the sun set on the horizons, you know, all those lovey dovey things,with a loved one or someone you are attracted to. I prefer someone you are attracted to. Don’t get me wrong. The definition doesn’t indicate a period of time so let’s not judge anyone after this.

I know if you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’re wondering why i still have not yet introduced Halima in this story. You might even think i want to continue the little talk we had the other day. I’ll take a break from that today. Sit back and have yourself  a comfortable seat somewhere at corner of your house. Turn off the lights and light some scented candles. You can as well  have some hot cup of creamy coffee by your side to sip on as you go through today,s post.


I woke feeling very enthusiastic about this day. Yes I know when it’s someone you love, Valentine’s day, should not be a determinant to prove your presence in the relationship or rather, love. Every other day should. But you do know that things happen.

Its 8:45 a.m. February the 14th.

Of course I have woken up beside my kawaida boyfriend. Don’t take the description as an insult. I love him and we have been together for a long time. Very long time. He is still very handsome too. Just as the day I first set my eyes on him. His hazel eyes, too beautiful to resist especially when he gave me those bad boy looks and his crooked smile to melt my heart away. Did I also mention that he has now grown a beard? They do complete the classic man look. Just the perfect Mr. I Am Taking Your Last Name.

I am headed to the bathroom to take a shower as he heads for the kitchen to prepare something for breakfast. I can tell after a while, from the building aroma filling the entire house, that it sure is going to be quite a heavy breakfast. Not the everyday tasteless pancakes he has always been making for the past seven years. You’re probably already thinking how romantic of a boyfriend he is. ‘aawwww! ‘ Right?

Am still not yet done in the bathroom. It’s a special day. And I indicated how enthusiastic I was about it so I skillfully set up my ‘Valentine’s special’ body treatment. I have my veet shaving cream backing me up strongly together with some apricot face and body scrub and my never disappointing cherry scented shower gel. Am taking my sweet time.

It’s now 10:06a.m.

The deep trance music that was playing from downstairs is reduced then he calls out.

“Not so little princess! Won’t you finish up already and come downstairs for some breakfast. I have waited for you long enough.” he says it in a very calm tone. As if not irritated an inch by all the time I took getting ready.We are in love remember?

“I’ll be there in a minute baby! Let me just grab something.” I reply as I spray my ‘Hugo boss femme’ perfume around my neck. He really does love the fragrance. I then reach for my off white satin robe. Tying it very loosely around my waist as I hurriedly go down the stairs.

“Finally! I was beginning to get worried you know. You’re very much aware how my imaginations…” He is saying, still so composed and I can’t help but mute him in my head. What was going on at the back of my mind wasn’t really all I had woken up to this morning. In fact I already couldn’t wait to get over and done with the first quarter of the day. All this pampering and sweet names with calm tones were beautiful. But not to me. At least not coming from his mouth.

I had received a call the previous day from my high school sweetheart. Brian. We had been occasionally communicating for a while now, through whatsapp and video calls. A communication brought about when i had come across his wedding photos on Facebook two years ago.  He left the country after his mother remarried some wealthy old German man. At that time,  our love life had just reached its peak. One so young and true and had promised to come back to rekindle the love someday. I had a nervous breakdown after he left. I am cured now, ain’t I? Then I meet Liam. My current boyfriend. The one yapping in front of me.

You see with Brian, despite the fact that we were both already in separate but serious relationships, we knew we had some unfinished business and that one way or another, in whatever lifetime we would ever met, it would have to be finished if not continued.

Just the previous day, he called me saying that he finally found an opportunity to fly home this morning for business meetings. Trying to make it clear Valentine’s day had no place in his calendar, he requested for a date with me. I knew  what he really meant. And my heart was willing  to have a date with him for the next six years or so. This is particularly what made me wake up very excited today. I thought about him the whole night. His masculine body. They say, where your mind wanders at night is where your heart is. The return of the one who went away. Don’t get me wrong though. I love Liam. In fact everything between us is amazing but i missed the spark. The adrenaline. He had suddenly become too ‘kawaida’ for me.

It’s now 10:11 a.m.

“You do know how to play with my emotions baby girl. Coming late for breakfast all dressed up in nothing but that seductive robe. You’re aware I’m going to put you on top of that kitchen counter and have my way with you, right?” he says, gently grabbing my behind, pulling me close to him and kissing my forehead as he leads me to the dining table with my eyes blindfolded as if I wasn’t aware he had prepared breakfast. I wish he could be a little bit more outgoing. I was practically half-naked. I don’t think breakfast was that necessary at that particular moment. That exactly is one of the reasons I suddenly missed Brian. He was a bad boy. Very spontaneous. Taking charge of every opportunity handed to him. There would be less talking right now.

I act very surprised and overwhelmed by all the food he had prepared as I thought to myself just why he couldn’t come upstairs and join me in the shower. Had we become just another normal couple? I dig in the buffet anyway. After all, my loving boyfriend made an effort.

“Happy valentine’s my love. It’s been a long time coming and to date, I still look at you and can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my life. You are my…” all these sweet words really mean nothing to me today. I am busy counting hours, minutes and seconds to Brian’s arrival. That one confirmation call. But I sit calmly, looking into Liam’s beautiful hazel eyes. I cannot not pay full attention. This is my future husband confessing his love to me.

“I love you too darling. Very much. Your existence in my life has brought nothing but good memories. May we live to have many more. With you by my side my love.” I say, sounding very passionate about my love for him then we exchange a few more sweet words over breakfast. Him feeding me and me feeding him. Just like couples do. Couples in love.

Before we knew it, it was already midday. However, we had no rush. We had both taken a break from our daily hustles. We had also renewed our voter’s cards long ago. This is after a lengthy conversation about how our youth were letting us down by not registering as voters and participating in the national elections process. The registration deadline has nothing on us. We have the whole afternoon to ourselves. But I had to act quick and come up with a smart excuse as to why I had to leave the house and maybe even spend the night out.

“Baby, we have had a little bit too many talks already. Why don’t we go upstairs so that I can show you something I got you for valentine’s? Am sure you’ll love it.” I say, tactfully luring him towards the staircase as I begin to flirt. His eyes already undressing me, I know he can’t resist the desire to go down on me. It is going to be a hot afternoon. But my mind isn’t at it today. I am just getting my way to glory; Brian.

It is now 2:09p.m.

As usual, Liam passes out after the afternoon sex, and I can now easily check my phone for updates from Brian. I heading downstairs with my phone on my left hand and my birth naked self to get some juice. My phone slightly vibrates. A text message pops up saying,

‘Can I get a tour around the city already. My hotel room doesn’t have that much of a view.’

It’s Brian. Yeeeees!

You see, one thing that never fades away in a bad boy is his ability to get naughty and make you read between the lines in his texts without necessarily saying I want to have you all for myself in plain language.  They are genius.

I head to the dining room with my juice as I turn on the mp3 player to have music as backup just incase Liam wakes up and finds me on call then I ring the unknown number. He was using a new number for his stay around.

“So finally the prodigal boyfriend comes back. All married but still very thirsty. Which hotel are you at though? I should be able to give you a better view.” I speak flirting lightly as he plays along and with all details in mind of his temporary stay, we end the call and I head upstairs to check on my ‘kawaida’ boyfriend. A plan already worked out in my head of why exactly I need to leave immediately.

“Uuuuhm… Baby! I need to rush out and get something then meet up shortly with one of my girls who just broke up with the boyfriend of five years.” I say, gently massaging his back. He is not deeply asleep. And we don’t have trust issues. So he agrees without putting up a fight and gets back to his afternoon nap.

I take a quick shower and dress up after applying my make-up and all. I have to look like a million dollars remember? I hope you didn’t forget.

It’s now 3:47p.m.

Looking all sexy…not too sexy but it can pass to meet the one who got away considering I am leaving a man in the house. My boyfriend. He should not suspect anything.  I then request my Little cab and in five minutes, the driver rings my cell.

On our way, I call Brian and tell him am on my way. He is very surprised and shocked on how I managed to leave my boyfriend at home but let’s both not lie to each other. He loves it. In fact, that turns him on even more. He is a bad boy and all these mission impossible acts always have driven him crazy. From way back when he used to make me jump fences and climb walls just to meet up with him just to have evening walks. We had pretty strict parents you know.

It’s 4:03p.m.

I’m in an elevator pressed to stop at the 15th floor all alone and laughing to myself. I knew I was funny but this, this was crazy. The day’s events playing on my mind on repeat not ignoring the anxiety of meeting my high school sweetheart. I really was on another level. I am cheating on Liam. But as ‘they say these days. Ukiwa mjanja, kuchapiwa ni siri ya ndani.


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