In case you’ve been following my reads, let me do some re-introduction. My name is Sabina. Some of my friends refer to me as ‘SabinaJoy’. Being an alumnus of The University of Nairobi however, I can’t help but relate. My other friends call me Sab. Now those are some group I must have seen ten years ago. Or of course family. Halima fits in the SabinaJoy generation.

You see, meeting with someone for the very first time and clicking wasn’t and still isn’t my automatic kind of thing. Okay. I lied. Right now it actually is. ‘I throw away a lot of perfected smiles. Over years this happen. And you find yourself just blocking all the possibilities of negative vibes’. Hence the addition of the Joy in Sabina. Says Halima when I try to explain to her why I really don’t appreciate that extra name. But let’s agree on one thing, who loves a boring life?

Mine is not that exciting though. But I think boring is too normal to describe me. Halima says I always find a way to walk with my head up high. More like stealing the show most times maybe? Of course yes. That’s exciting right?

Well, I’ve always been and still is very associated with the remaining percentage of the anti-establishment population hence there are some of society’s ways I have come to find very hypocritical. I belong to the world of individualism. Guided with no rule set by society. Like one that says I must be married by this time in my life. Okay. I won’t deny. No one wants to die alone of course. I want those things that happen in couples lives.You know, those that you read in novels. Have you ever had an imagination of how things actually were in a given moment through written words either in poetry or fiction?

I go back in history and read. No let me not lie, which I do a lot, that I read. I don’t. I imagine. Those history lessons in my high school days were not just me wasting my time. Reality TV shows and social media too have also found a way to make me aware of every single thing I need to know. Like the ‘haves and have nots’? And I’m still learning. Have you read any article on man eat man society? Well, right now it’s referred to as savagery. Okay! I can work with that right?

So here I am. Society having molded my imagination into a perfect illustration of savagery, writing shitty stories for my anti-establishment society. But we are being humourous right? Just laughing hoping to be the one to laugh best. I bet we all want to succeed in whatever we pursue. Let’s say, writing?  Fighting poverty’ which in my opinion is a curse’. Imagining being victorious in whichever path we chose to take ‘more like dreaming in my society but Lupita said dreams do come true then Obama told me ‘Yes You can!’. Encouraging right?

Well, I’m just another fictional writer. A story-teller.




4 thoughts on “THE INTRODUCTION

  1. In a man eat man society swiry u have to learn to survive so u have to do what u have to in order to survive….. on a lighter note love where is the continuance of Halima’s and Sabina’s story or am I being too impatient, school me pliz…


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