It’s now two weeks or so since Valentine’s day with Brian already back to Germany. I however can’t seem to get him off my mind. Sleeping soundly by my side is my boyfriend, Liam. Looking all cute and at peace. He must be having the dream of his life. I think to myself after staring at him for a while before I get back to my fantasy. No. Let me not call it fantasy because it really did happen.

He opened the door immediately after I rung the doorbell. Giving me no time to do my ‘sining ritual’. It was as if he had calculated the time it took to come from the ground floor to his room. Too accurate to just have been a coincidence. But there he was, pretty chilled and all macho in a white t-shirt and grey sweat pants. Widely opening his arms to hug me with a distinct smile on his face, very excited to see me. Of course he would be. He was seeing a young girl he had left behind years ago…all grown up. Now a woman. Allow me to add, a woman with a beautiful smile. One which came right after he opened the door and our eyes met. It was magical. The kind of magic told in Aladdin stories. For a moment we were actually sailing on air in one of those Aladdin flying carpets. That must have been the most I had blushed in a very long while.

“Well look at you! Whoever told me to get married to that white assless woman lied to me. Look at you Sab! Oh my!” He said as if joking but then again very serious as he hugged me tightly into his well-built chest. All this time I hadn’t uttered a single word. The confusion within was real. It had been a very long while since we last saw each other and I couldn’t help but ask myself why I was still dating Liam. I mean. It okay that he treats me well and all but this was Brian standing right in front of me. Well, not standing but here I was, deep into Brian’s chest wishing I could sail away with him and never come back. Why again am I still with Liam? Then I remembered just how single I actually am. Liam is just my dummy. That’s what Halima calls him.

“What? This grown you doesn’t talk anymore? I must have been gone forever!” asks Brian sarcastically as he leads me into the suite. You see, after all these years, the least he could be was a gentleman and here he was, opening doors and talking with so much composure. Probably because he was too gangster when it came to me. I don’t blame him though. Even Liam says I’m too gangster for my gender. I still don’t know what that means. Should I blame it on my brothers? Anyway here I was. With my gangster ass inside my ex, no! Not ex. Inside my friend’s suite. We had too much of unfinished businesses to call him an ex.

“Decent hotel room you have here Brian. Your job must be a well-paying one to book you into this hotel.You look pretty well too. How are you? Your mother and wife? How is life generally from your side?” I ask very intentionally and curious so at to break the silence. More of break my silence.

“Well, first of all, thank you for asking. For a moment I though you had become dumb. Mmmmh! Mum, she is doing great. Growing older and older and wiser too. As for my wife…that atm card is driving me nuts but the thought of sending her child support makes divorce non-existent in my vocabulary. And me? Here I am though not for business purposes. I came to see you. In a wrap I can say that is life from my side.” He says very calmly as if all the content he just poured out was normal. But who am I to judge anyway. If I could hang my dirty linen he’d probably never sleep in my sheets.

“Uuuhm… Your life seems pretty much of a reality show. I bet you’ll be the next thing we’ll be keeping up with.” I say but this time…trying to get comfortable with the environment and idea of me even being there in the first place.

Point to note. Growing up, Brian and I always found a way to joke about every little thing. There is this time I had chicken pox and he joked about how ugly I had become from the swelling. He even swore not to walk with me until I recovered fully. However, he was always there to apply the nauseating pink lotion all over my body. To date I still think he only did it because of the touching. What a great excuse chicken pox.

“Well, I only wish those reality show producers would come into my life and make a script out of it, I wouldn’t mind the extra cash you know.” Laughing measurably before composing himself he says as he heads for the room bar.

“Some whiskey? Lord! Why am I even asking. You once finished a whole bottle of Southern comfort by yourself. But you might have changed. Have you?” He says looking at me as if awaiting for an absurd answer so he could laugh out loud. After giving him a naughty look however,he joins the dots and serves me some whiskey on the rocks. Before the drink however, he insists on shots. Something we did every time we bought alcohol in our good old days.

“Get yourself warm dear. You’ll freeze out of anxiety!” Still mocking me, he hands me over the shot glass filled to the brim. We both know I needed some catalyst in my system and he knew exactly how to come about it.

Now seated beside me he was reaching out getting all comfortable and clumsy with his fingers. But I didn’t mind it at all. In fact I played along. Coming to think of it, it was his random acts that got me hooked to him in the first place. And before we knew it, we had turned his so called couch into a bed. Lying with my face up and his body on top of mine. Kissing me gently and without permission taking his hand on adventure. The problem or rather the good thing about Brian was that he was and still is a gentle kisser. His lips were as soft as silk and he knew just the right way to tease me. From the breathtaking kisses to his caresses. From the way he kissed my neck all the way down to how he played with my clit. Very skillfully. It was like art. Very beautiful yet very disturbing. He was a bad boy but very good in bed. At least it now made sense as to why I didn’t think twice about leaving my loyal boyfriend at home in bed, deep asleep on the afternoon of Valentine’s. It also pretty much explains how he made his way inside me without any resistance whatsoever. It flowed very perfectly. One event after the other. And that to me was heaven on earth. Or at least my idea of heaven. Where events of life were synchronized.

Wishful thinking right?

Too much to wake up to the reality of Liam still sleeping beside me. Oooh! Take me back to February 14th.


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