In my opinion, quarter-life crisis is a bitch. And don’t forgive my manners.

With writing at weird hours of the night becoming a routine, I think I’m doing great. Successful people don’t have a solid relationship with their beds right? So it’s just me, my mug of coffee and some smooth music playing from the background as I keep you updated on the highs and lows of life from my side. Ooh yes darling! Life is a roller-coaster. Throw a pinch of humor to every little thing. It helps. For now though, kindly take my hand and allow me lead you to my reality.

After spending the entire night over thinking about what I want to do with my life, the best I did was end up calling Liam to come over. I’m pretty sure he was excited to get that call. It’s a thing we do. Coming to think of it, I should buy a well maintained second hand Toyota and register it to LittleCabs. A flexible full-time job could do. Now back to the little things we do. One being calling each other over at weird hours of the night to catch up. You’ve got to understand that it’s a hustle to keep us alive. And it’s on these nights that we really detach from reality. Sometimes we finish a whole bottle of whiskey. Just some. And on most we’re all over each other. But today was different.

I somehow had it all figured out at the back of my mind. Such a beautiful illustration of life as it is. Calling my ‘boyfriend’ over and having rough sex after a couple shots of whiskey and small talk before he leaves for his place. I’m pretty sure someone would call us nightrunners. But hey, we all own the night, ours just a little bit too active.

Before I continue however, we need to agree on two things. Life is sweet. As sweet as a matured bottle of wine. It’s fine. It’s also daring. And sometimes gets as heartless as a bitter woman.

What I hadn’t confessed was that while thinking of what I really want to do with my life, Liam didn’t really seem to picute in it and wasting more of his time would only be heartless of me. And that the call was to have him for what seemed to be the last time.

Swiftly taking control of the night with a script of my own at the back of my mind was like acting a reality show. A little bit too savage. But I also think I’ve watched too much of these shows already. What’s entertainment though, right?

So Liam comes, at exactly 1:27a.m knocking at my door. Of course I’m not asleep. He’s here and judging from the knock he sure can’t wait to tear me all up. I guess he’d be more enthusiastic had he known it was the last time.

I’m not one to dwell on the negative a lot so I quickly open the door and let him in. And a boring breakup just isn’t what I do best. In my opinion, if a woman began whining, thighs spread apart on top of me and ass well spread out, I’d be left with no choice but to give in. And that’s exactly how I went about it. Dirty dancing the night away. Surrendering to the rhythm of his touch and fulfilling my desires of sexual healing. I bet there was too much shifting of emotions to keep a truck of. Passionately riding on top of him like the last time it was and contemplating on how to do away with him.

I bet break ups never felt so hard and so good at the same time. Coming to think of it, I think I’m destined to end up with the bad boys who treat you perfectyly on one weekend and then disappear for another lifetime before they come back. That was what Brian was right? And probably my next catch after Liam. But it’s the thrill of that kind of randomness that kept me alive. And Liam was now becoming too much of a routine. Eight years of lovey-dovey and no thrill isn’t that much fun after all.

Struggling to get my last orgasm and also speak sense I pause for a while with the riding and say, ” Liam, I’ve been thinking about this relationship and I’m certain we need to end things. I’ve got a lot of unfinished businesses of my youth haunting me and I don’t want to waste more of your time.”

A moment of silence takes the show followed by a fall of his perfectly erected penis inside me.

“Wait! What are you trying to say Sab?” He asks almost about to cry but I’m not really sure because it might be an orgasm on his side. He always told me how random statements during sex turned him on. This was random enough right?

” I’m trying to say that this is the last time you’re in me and that I want to move to other of God’s creatures. I’ve had you long enough and a break would do if not a permanent separation.” I say as he blankly stares into my eyes.

Unable to talk, he grabs my waist and still maintains eye contact.

“I’d be damned to stay with a woman who breaks up with a man during sex but be rest assured that if I go then I’ve lost. Say what you want from now on but I’m here to stay. I know you’ve been sleeping around. Keep on. As long as you call me up sometimes. Of course to check up. A woman who knows what’s she wants should be well taken care of right?” He says as he vigorously penetrates his now already hard manhood in and out, through the walls of my vagina to lead me to a paradise he seemingly kept hidden.

Moaning at the top of my lungs and shocked at his reaction I try to catch my breath so as to think straight.

I’m free from a chocking commitment in my late twenties and it can’t seem to get any more trickier. With an open relationship and my ex-current boyfriend in me. Life is funny you know.



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