” Hold me! Hold me close to your heart and never let me go. At least just not this time around. We’ve been playing this on and off game for way too long now. It’s about time we got our shit together.” I say faintly as if almost running out of breath as I sink my hopeless romantic self into his masculine arms. He has a pretty firm grip.
Well, im not really sure if I’ve been making the best of decisions the past few weeks, more of my entire life, but so far I think God is working hand in hand with my thoughts.
In an attempt to get most parts of my life together, I decided to finally quit my job. I can’t say that it was my cup of coffee but it got my bills paid. More of a reason why it got me into being Ms. Christie Potatoface’s slave. Honestly speaking Christie, if at all you’re reading this, I got one question. What ever happened in your life to make you such a bitch? Good thing I won’t have to deal with your bitter ass anymore. Or at least I hope I’ll never have to.
So last week after quitting my shitty job I felt my phone vibrate persistently at weird hours of the night but ignored it regardless. After all, I was now a jobless adult so there is possibly no office emergency trying to creep into my peaceful night sleep. And what better way could I be good to my body other than repay it with the long-lost beauty sleep it had missed from the late nights and early mornings. I guess I can also partially blame the fatigue on my rather very fast adoption to the wild and free lifestyle.
But enough of that though.
We all have something we do the moment we wake up. In my case I whisper a small prayer and acknowledge my being alive before I head for my phone to check my emails and text messages. That’s a routine I’ve adopted. Or at least currently trying to adopt given that morning sex has not really been my to wake up to salvation after my weird break-up with Liam. And as I check my phone, I come across a missed call from a strange number. One I’m sure is not from within the country and also not from my phonebook. Anyway, what does typical Sabina do? I quickly ignore the call before it suddenly hits me of the many job applications I filled while still at my previous job. You see, my boss knew nothing about bonuses so I might have as well used my part of the employees ‘bonus’ to browse through the internet with the hope of finding a better job. Afterwhich I quickly recharge given that it is an international call and the rates are higher and return the call.
” Hello! I hope you’re doing well. You tried reaching me yesternight but I was asleep. Kindly let me know where you were calling from.” I say carefully pronouncing word after word for all I know, I might have been speaking to my next boss.
“Hi! Yes I tried reaching your earlier but I guess I must have miscalculated these times zones.” a familiar but not so familiar male voice replies in a deep German accent and as I proceed with the call, my mind cannot help but wonder what specific job I had applied for in Germany. English teacher maybe?
” Sab! It’s me… Brian. I tried reaching you yesterday but I guess my timing was not good enough. I’m finally done with the paperwork and divorce proceedings. I honestly cannot tell how much in love I was to have blindly signed that prenuptial agreement but one thing I now know, is that that’s some pretty crappy piece of shit to call an agreement…” he talks continuously before he realizes my silence then pauses a while before asking ;
” Excuse my manners. I thinks im just pretty worked up from the endless court proceedings I’ve been in and out of the past few weeks. How are you? How is everything? What’s new in your life?”
For a moment I can swear I preferred listening to him vent than answer to the questions he was now throwing at me. I mean, how was I supposed to tell him that I had quit my job the previous week as an attempt to get my life together and ended up with a taxi driver sleeping next to me in a strange motel, in the same bed in Nakuru?
” I’m fine. I’m doing great. Couldn’t be any better.” I say before I burst into laugher at just how perfectly I had mastered the art of saying I’m okay when I really wasn’t.
” Wow! From that sarcastic laugh, I can already tell we have a lot to catch up on. And clearly I won’t get anything from you on phone. Anyway, i just wanted to tell you that I’ll be in Nairobi in a few days. I really hope we can continue from where we left if you don’t mind. let me tell you when I land. Otherwise do have yourself a lovely day. See you in a few days.” he says rather briefly before he hangs up and leaves me all confused with three thousand unanswered questions.
A few minutes later however, after digesting the call, I’m glad he hang up and was even that brief. I guess he knew I needed some time to think things over and decide whether or not I was going to move in with him once he came back.
Why not?
As a loyal reader, I hope you haven,t forgotten that he is the love of my life.

And two days later after his arrival, I can’t help but give in to his masculine arms all over my body on a mission to take away my breath while having a warm shower. I could get used to these kind of mornings. You only live once right? you might as well live happily and with multiple orgasms.




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